30-day learning plan for you to improve your spoken English as a beginner

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30-day learning plan for you to improve your spoken English as a beginner:

Day 1-7: Building Vocabulary

  • Start by learning at least 10 new English words every day.
  • Write down the new words and their meanings in a notebook.
  • Use flashcards or a vocabulary app to practice the new words.
  • Try to use these new words in sentences and practice saying them aloud.

Day 8-14: Pronunciation Practice

  • Watch English movies or TV shows and focus on the pronunciation of words.
  • Record yourself speaking and listen for areas where you can improve.
  • Practice tongue twisters and other exercises to improve your pronunciation.
  • Use websites like Forvo to listen to how words are pronounced by native English speakers.

Day 15-21: Grammar and Sentence Structure

  • Learn the basic English sentence structure and grammar rules.
  • Practice constructing simple sentences and gradually progress to more complex ones.
  • Read English books, newspapers, or online articles and pay attention to how sentences are constructed.
  • Practice speaking in complete sentences, even if it means speaking slowly at first.

Day 22-28: Listening and Comprehension

  • Listen to English podcasts or radio programs and try to follow along with the conversation.
  • Watch English YouTube videos with English subtitles and try to understand the content.
  • Take online listening comprehension tests to gauge your progress.
  • Practice repeating and paraphrasing what you have heard to improve your comprehension.

Day 29-30: Conversation Practice

  • Find a language partner or a tutor to practice speaking with.
  • Join online conversation groups or forums and practice communicating in English.
  • Focus on fluency and use the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar skills you have learned throughout the past month.

Remember to practice consistently every day and review what you have learned regularly. Good luck!




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