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Colours have different meanings and associations depending on the context and culture. Here are some common meanings associated with colours in Western culture:

  1. Red: passion, love, energy, danger, warning

  2. Orange: creativity, enthusiasm, warmth, caution

  3. Yellow: happiness, optimism, sunshine, caution

  4. Green: growth, harmony, nature, jealousy, envy

  5. Blue: trust, loyalty, stability, sadness

  6. Purple: royalty, luxury, creativity, spirituality

  7. Pink: love, romance, femininity, sensitivity

  8. Black: power, elegance, mystery, death, mourning

  9. White: purity, innocence, cleanliness, peace, surrender

  10. Gray: neutrality, balance, sophistication, depression

  11. Brown: stability, comfort, earthiness, boredom

  12. Gold: wealth, success, luxury, wisdom, divinity

  13. Silver: prestige, grace, sophistication, modernity

  1. Turquoise: calmness, tranquillity, clarity, communication

  2. Lavender: grace, elegance, refinement, femininity

  3. Maroon: strength, courage, seriousness, luxury

  4. Navy: authority, power, intelligence, conservatism

  5. Olive: peace, harmony, growth, nature, stability

  6. Burgundy: passion, sophistication, sensuality, luxury

  7. Coral: warmth, energy, playfulness, happiness

  8. Teal: creativity, sophistication, uniqueness, tranquillity

  9. Beige: neutrality, simplicity, calmness, comfort

  10. Ivory: purity, innocence, clarity, simplicity

  11. Peach: gentleness, warmth, youthfulness, innocence

  12. Magenta: vibrancy, passion, confidence, excitement

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