Future Minutes

By jahanzaib Ahmed   Posted on October-01-2022 

Future Minutes

Future Minutes

Brief description

Sometimes people are looking for a proper platform which can be resolve all their problem related to IT (information technology) instead of they are visiting on different platform to resolve their problem, and its take a huge time and may be its make a work so boring, so future minutes website is a platform which can be resolve all problem related to information technology in a one website. Where people can post and see the article related to different problem solving topics.

What is future minutes?

Future minutes is a web application. Which is use as a platform where the user can send their problems related to any Information and get response within a minimum duration, and users are also post their articles related to daily life, computer languages, and other kinds to make it interesting, but maximum articles are related to information technology. It’s mainly focus on computer related problems resolving like development tools, UI tools, etc.

Who will use it?

Future minutes is a website that be useful for everyone who want to resolve their IT (information technology) related problem. User create an account on the website and see the article about their problem and also post an article to relate any field. Which will be a very helpful for new user. Admin can manage an all article, and post information.

Key features

There are two types of user which can be use it. Below are the details of the users.

Admin Dashboard

  1. Account details
  • Sign up
  • Login
  • Edit profile
  • Change password
  • View profile
  • logout
  1. Manage Post
  • Create post
  • Manage post category
  • Manage create category
  1. Recipes
  • Recipes category
  1. Article
  • Article Category
  1. Manage News
  • News’s list
  • Create news’s
  • Manage new category
  • Manage create category
  1. CV Bank
  • All CV
  1. Development links
  • Using links
  1. Manage Design
  • Design Category
  • Design list
  1. Quotation
  • Quotation category
  1. Handicrafts
  • Handicrafts category
  1. Poetry
  • Poet
  1. Photo
  • All photo
  1. Question manage query
  • All question
  1. Manage inquiry
  • All inquiry
  1. Send mails
  • Subscribe list
  • Send mail’s to subscriber
  1. Development
  • All job types
  • All jobs
  • All project
  • All project category
  • Template
  • All template
  • All post
  • All post category
  1. All users
  • All users
  1. Manage hosting
  • Hosting

User Dashboard

  1. Account details
  • Sign up
  • Login
  • Edit profile
  • Change password
  • View profile
  1. My Article
  • Article
  • Create Article
  1. My post
  • Post
  • Create post
  1. My Questions
  • My question
  • Create question



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