Growing trend of "E-Cigarettes" among youth

By Aima Abid   Posted on December-14-2022 

Growing trend of "E-Cigarettes" among youth

In excess of 24 million individuals are smoking in Pakistan, in which an enormous number of individuals from varying backgrounds are likewise involving tobacco as cigarettes.

 Young people are also taking up smoking as a hobby, which is also a fashion for them. 

As per the information of the World Wellbeing Association, consistently around 80 lakh, individuals kick the bucket from smoking around the world, countless of them are youngsters, including taught and uninformed young men and young ladies. 


who is observed smoking in their factories, offices, and teaching centers?


More than 23.9 million people in Pakistan use tobacco. The Tobacco Control Cell established by the Pakistani government says that approximately 16 million of these people smoke cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes, which are typically distributed without prior notice, are attracting a growing number of individuals, particularly youth. 


Now, what exactly is this electronic cigarette that young people are using as a fashion statement?


 A battery-controlled gadget warms an answer called e-fluid or juice. Nicotine and common food flavors are in e-liquid. 

You can get your nicotine fix from e-cigarettes in the form of vapor rather than smoke. Vaping is the use of electronic cigarettes by themselves.


 We call traditional daily cigarettes smoking, whereas electronic cigarettes are referred to as e-cigarettes and vaping is referred to as vaping because the nicotine in e-cigarettes is significantly less harmful than tar and carbon monoxide, which are many of the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke.

Previously, the majority of young people at a cafe or on a street corner smoked, but electronic e-cigarettes have replaced cigarettes that were lit with matches or lighters.


 An E-cigarette is something like another innovation as it has various models accessible. E-cigarettes were first introduced in China, and in the two years that followed, they started to be exported to major markets all over the world.
 After that, their use became widespread all over the world.


A device that can be used in place of cigarettes has been developed successfully by Chinese experts. Furthermore, don't adversely affect well-being, particularly to stay away from irresistible infections like a disease. 

The "open and closed system" and "open and closed tank" brands of electronic cigarettes are currently the two that dominate the market. Presently, the interest in e-cigarettes is continuously expanding, its utilization has begun generally in South Asian nations as well as universally.

It is now considered a common device, whereas the middle class and the poor are not fully familiar with it. 


However, the youth of Pakistan, particularly those with high levels of education and the elite, are also frequent users of it.

Because the harmful effects of smoking smoke also pollute the environment and have a significant impact on other people, it is referred to as the "white technology" for young people in the Western world has been achieved, and its user base is astonishingly growing daily.


 However, despite all of the benefits, there are even more drawbacks, and its misuse can be disastrous for our generation.

Researchers at BMC Public Health say that e-cigarettes are getting a lot of attention in the nicotine industry. They need to be tightly controlled, and it's important to know how many young people are becoming addicted to them.


 E-cigarette vaping is extremely harmful to human health, particularly to the lungs, according to health experts. directs attack on the brain, limiting brain development and capabilities and affecting the immune system.

Furthermore, other diseases begin to attack quickly. As a result of this research, experts have concluded that when brain cells cease to function, a person becomes a mental or psychological patient. 


The Western world has considered this possibility. In many nations, e-cigarettes have been regulated and outlawed for the sake of the new generation's survival. 

However, the opposite is true: e-cigarettes are becoming more and more in demand and popular in Pakistan, particularly among young people from all walks of life who, if they have the financial means, use them regularly. These youngsters are numerous.


 Who, at this age, wants to try new things?


E-cigarette laws and restrictions are being enforced in a lot of countries, including the United States. Like regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes cannot be sold or used in public places in some countries. 

Where and how they can be sold and advertised are subject to special restrictions in the UK. However, the use of electronic cigarettes has also grown in Pakistan. 


It is also common to buy and sell it, but Pakistan has not yet conducted a legal investigation into this matter. E-cigarettes have not received any government attention.

The situation has gotten worse over the past few years as the number of teens using e-cigarettes, or vaping, has skyrocketed. E-cigarettes are the most popular form of smoking among young people. 


It is now being sold in grocery stores and cigarette shops as well due to rising demand. Young people see using e-cigarettes or vaping as a fashion statement because they produce more smoke than regular cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes have been identified as a serious threat to young people by the World Health Organization. 

Along with cigarette smoking, the growing trend of ice drugs, vaping, and e-cigarettes should be seriously considered by the government, and it should take legislative and practical steps to stop it.

A battery-controlled gadget warms an answer called e-fluid or juice. Nicotine and common food flavors are in e-liquid.

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