Invalid Routing Code in payment detail

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I am entering my payment details for online banking in one website, I tried a lot getting below error "Invalid Routing Code"


What is Routing code for the bank?


Routing codes, also known as routing numbers or ABA routing numbers, are unique nine-digit numbers assigned to banks and financial institutions in the United States by the American Bankers Association (ABA). These codes are used to identify the bank and facilitate the transfer of funds between banks for various financial transactions.

The routing code for a bank can usually be found on the bottom left-hand side of a check, next to the account number. It can also be obtained by contacting the bank directly or by checking their website.

It's important to note that routing codes may vary depending on the region or location of the bank, so it's important to confirm the correct routing code for the specific bank and location where you are sending or receiving funds.


Get Routing Number for any bank


I wast entering my bank account details in one of the famous website.
there was a requirement, Please enter your Routing Number/Sort code.
I tried to contact with my bank,they were unable to provide it me. after wasting lot of time.
finally I founded my bank routing number.

to get your routing number- you need to find the some text that is written in footer
of your cheq book.
there is some numer written as "810114920530129000000111111111110000"

from this number first 9 digits are your bank routing number.

in the footer of your cheq book above is not readable, that is written some strange font family, you need to read it carefully and use it. where you want.

just to make sure swift code and routing number both are diffrent things.



Invalid Routing Code in payment detail

By Junaid A    13-May-2023 Views  108

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