Use of Modern IT(Information Technology)

By aj   Posted on December-20-2022 

Use of Modern IT(Information Technology)

Now a days IT (Information Technology) has an important of every field 

Creative industry: Fashion design industry certainly needs assistance  of multimediato illustrate designs,not only shapes and  colors, but also  3D effects  or aview for an object, including detailed texture or material.In the Commerce:  Although advertising  industry has been using  graphs  andvideos for decades, modern technology has  still dramatically boostedadvertising effectiveness.  Along  with  the  development  of  the modern  multimedia  technology,  the  contents  of advertisement  are  modified  and  combined  more flexibly and each single object in video or graph can be emphasized with special effects.In the Entertainment  and fine  arts: Instead  of traditional cinema,3D cinema has been popular in recent years, as is known the Avatar is a movie filmedwith 1st 3D camera. With special glasses on, audience can have a feel that they are actually in the scene of film, which gives  them  completely  different  experience from traditional film screen.In the Education:  Online-leaning  (e-learning)  has been adopted  by  majority of  institutions.  It  characterizes remoteness  and flexibility  without  geographic  and time restrictions.  It engages variable mediatypes to deliver contents  and concepts. Other  than computer-based  learning, virtual  reality  is  another  type  of multimedia  education,  which  uses  devices such  as mask  that  explores  learner’s  senses  during interactivity between learner and device, thus creating an illusion that learner itself is actually in the scene.

This is helpful to understand the information technology

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