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1 1 Home This is home page of Website Home
2 2 Events A software company is a company whose primary products are various forms of software, software technology, distribution, and software product development. They make up the software industry Types. There are a number of different types of software companies: Large and well-known companies Events
3 3 Consultants Good Affordable Software For All We stand for the good causes in software development and come up with the idea that software customization should be accessible, affordable yet still maintaining its quality for all business levels. We also commited to support acceleration of Digital Transformation in Indonesia by genuinely sharing our best practices and knowledge throughout the time. Consultants
4 4 Jobs <ul>Required<br/><li>Sr. Dot Net Developer </li> <li>Jr. PHP Developer </li> Jobs
5 5 Career Advice Whether you’re considering a new job, promotion or you want to improve your existing skills, we’ve got career advice and free online courses from some of the world’s top universities and organisations to help you achieve your goals. Career Advice
6 6 Stories This is Description of the Stories this is title of Stories
7 7 Partners <ul><li>Sr.Software Engineer Muhammad Asif (Team Leader)</li><li>Jr. Software Engineer Muhammad Zeeshan</li> this is title of Partners
8 8 Learn mvc ASP.NET is a free web framework for building websites and web applications on .NET Framework using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. ASP.NET MVC 5 is a web framework based on Mode-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Developers can build dynamic web applications using ASP.NET MVC framework that enables a clean separation of concerns, fast development, and TDD friendly. These tutorials are designed for beginners and professionals who want to learn ASP.NET MVC 5. Prerequisites Basic knowledge of .NET Framework 4.5, C#, and Visual Studio is required. this is title of Learn mvc
9 9 Learn C# This is Description of the Learn C#C# (pronounced "C-sharp") is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that aims to combine the computing power of C++ with the programming ease of Visual Basic. C# is based on C++ and contains features similar to those of Java.C# (pronounced "C-sharp") is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that aims to combine the computing power of C++ with the programming ease of Visual Basic. C# is based on C++ and contains features similar to those of Java.C# (pronounced "C-sharp") is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that aims to combine the computing power of C++ with the programming ease of Visual Basic. C# is based on C++ and contains features similar to those of Java.C# (pronounced "C-sharp") is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that aims to combine the computing power of C++ with the programming ease of Visual Basic. C# is based on C++ and contains features similar to those of Java.hhhh this is title of Learn C#
10 10 Learn Jquery These jQuery tests/quizes will help you to check how much you know, or don't know, about jQuery to prepare for the interviews. You may also go through jQuery tutorials before giving tests. Each test contains MCQs, and you will get 1 point for each correct answer. There is no time limit for the tests. this is title of Learn Jquery
11 11 Learn SQL Server SQL is a database computer language designed for the retrieval and management of data in a relational database. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. This tutorial will give you a quick start to SQL. It covers most of the topics required for a basic understanding of SQL and to get a feel of how it works. <ul><li>Why to Learn SQL?</li> <li>SQL is Structured Query Language, which is a computer language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data stored in a relational database.</li> <li>SQL is the standard language for Relational Database System. All the Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) like MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Postgres and SQL Server use SQL as their standard database language.<li> <li>Also, they are using different dialects, such as − MS SQL Server using T-SQL, Oracle using PL/SQL, MS Access version of SQL is called JET SQL (native format) etc. Applications of SQL As mentioned before, SQL is one of the most widely used query language over the databases. I'm going to list few of them here:</li> <li>Allows users to access data in the relational database management systems.</li> <li>Allows users to describe the data.</li> <li>Allows users to define the data in a database and manipulate that data.</li> <li>Allows to embed within other languages using SQL modules, libraries & pre-compilers.</li> <li>Allows users to create and drop databases and tables.</li> <li>Allows users to create view, stored procedure, functions in a database.</li> <li>Allows users to set permissions on tables, procedures and views.</li> </ul> this is title of Learn SQL Server
12 12 Learn Azure This is Description of the Learn Azure this is title of Learn Azure
13 13 Learn Web Deployment Web Deploy (msdeploy) simplifies deployment of Web applications and Web sites to IIS servers. Administrators can use Web Deploy to synchronize IIS servers or to migrate to newer versions of IIS. Web Deploy Tool also enables administrators and delegated users to use IIS Manager to deploy ASP.NET and PHP applications to an IIS server.<br/><br/>,ASP.NET%20and%20PHP%20applications%20to%20an%20IIS%20server. this is title of Learn Web Deployment
14 14 Learn SEO Learning search engine optimization can be overwhelming at first. There is a lot to wrap your mind around. But becoming proficient in SEO is definitely an achievable undertaking. Teaching you everything you need to know to go from SEO newbie to competent SEO in one article is next to impossible. Beginner SEO: Knows Title Tags Intermediate SEO: Good with Canonicals Advanced SEO: Understands 35% of Google’s Algorithm. Tops. But the next best thing is a guide that provides you with the resources to achieve SEO mastery on your own. This is that guide. If you are new to the world of SEO, you probably have some concerns like: Time. Will it take years to learn SEO? Information overload. There is so much SEO related content on the internet, where do I even start? Contradictory information. Who do I trust when I find different opinions? Fear of anything technical. Do I need to be technical to succeed? Hat Color. Should I use black, grey, or white hat tactics…? Or maybe all of them? Education. Do I need any formal education to work in SEO? SEO Gurus. Do I need to buy online courses from SEO gurus for thousands of dollars to learn? All of these concerns will be addressed in this guide, along with the resources you will need to nail down the fundamentals. SEO changes quickly. Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller says that Google updates and evolves its algorithms almost every day, which forces the SEO industry to evolve as well. Although the fundamentals stay the same, there are always new things to be tested and learned. To make this guide more objective, we reached out to some SEO agency professionals who have experience teaching SEO in an agency environment. We wanted to thank the following contributors for their advice and insights that helped us create this guide. this is page Learn SEO
15 15 About Us <ul> <li> Founded in 2015, Future Minutes public platform is used by nearly everyone who codes to learn, share their knowledge, collaborate, and build their careers. </li> <br /> <li> Our products and tools help developers and technologists in life and at work. These products include Future Minutes for Teams, Future Minutes Advertising, and Future Minutes for Talent and Jobs. </li> <br /> <li> Future Minutes for Teams, our core SaaS collaboration product, is helping thousands of companies around the world as the transition to remote work, address business continuity challenges, and undergo digital transformation. </li> <br /> <li> Whether it’s on Future Minutes or within Future Minutes for Teams, community is at the center of all that we do.</li> </ul> this is title of About Us
16 16 Contact us This is Description of the Contact Us this is title of Contact Us
17 17 Privacy Policy <ul> <li> The Future Minutes Network (also referred to herein as “ Future Minutes” or “Network”) is a set of related Internet sites and other applications for questions and answers, owned and operated by Stack Exchange, Inc. (“ Future Minutes”, “we” or “us”), a Delaware corporation. </li> <br /> <li> Future Minutes welcomes you to the Network, the largest community of developers in the world, and invites you to participate in the community by sharing knowledge with your peers and colleagues. </li> <br /> </ul> Privacy Policy
18 18 Terms & Conditions <p>as you are member of IE, Please dont share dummy post, the purpose of this website is to help and&nbsp; share knowledge with developers.</p> Terms & Conditions
19 19 Terms <p>as you are member of IE, Please dont share dummy post, the purpose of this website is to help and&nbsp; share knowledge with developers.</p> this is Terms
20 20 Sitemap this is description of Sitemap this is page Sitemap
21 21 Report a Bug Description: A detailed description of the bug. ... Reproduce steps: Clearly, mention the steps to reproduce the bug. Expected result: How the application should behave on the above-mentioned steps. Actual result: What is the actual result of running the above steps i.e. the bug behavior. this is title of Report a Bug
22 22 FAQ <ul> <li>How long does software development take?<li> <li>How much will the Lvivity expert work cost?</li> <li>Should I be familiar with the technical details to work with you?</li> <li>What information do you need from me to start work?</li> <li>How do you guarantee the product quality?</li> <li>Do you provide product support services after the app development is complete?</li> <li>I need an app for iOS and Android. Which platform is better to start with?</li> <li>Will you be able to increase the number of people in your team if necessary?</li> <li>What technologies and programming languages do you utilize in your work?</li> <li>What is the minimum budget and the project size you are willing to work with? </li> </ul> this is title of FAQ
23 23 Author Guidelines <h2>&nbsp;</h2> <p>Thank you for your interest in publishing your content with us. Please read the below submission guidelines very carefully.What do we expect from you?When it comes to publishing articles, the quality and subject of the article play a major role and we want to ensure that we manage both.</p> <p>Before publishing an article, you may want to make sure you are submitting an article on a topic, which has not been published on our site yet. If you have any questions, you can ask our editor to speed-up the process.</p> <p><strong>As an author, you should be responsible for the following:</strong></p> <p>Make sure your article idea is original and it doesn&rsquo;t reflect somebody else&rsquo;s idea, contents, and source code.Make sure you select a proper major category and minor categories.Make sure you provide correct information about keywords, technology, languages, and other options.Make sure your article describes your code so readers can understand it easily.Make sure there are no grammatical or other errors.All images are uploaded and clearly viewable, if applicable.</p> <p>Source code in the article has a proper code format.AUTHOR COPYRIGHT AGREEMENTAs an author, you AGREE that you have not copied article contents, images, ideas or other material from somewhere else and you are solely responsible for these contents.; and its affiliates including sponsors and advertisers in no event responsible for the contents and any related material published by you.Again, thank you for being a part of one of the most popular community for IT developers.Warm Regards,Support Innerexception</p> Static Pages