What is a stored procedure in database?

By Arsal Ahmed   Posted on March-20-2018   504

A stored procedure is a named collection of SQL statements and procedural logic i.e, compiled, verified and stored in the server database. A stored procedure is typically treated like other database objects and controlled through server security mechanism.

  • The commands for store procedure is the query
  • The new query opens and the store procedures gets created

The procedure like: 

Create Procedure Employee details
Select * from Employee e INNER JOIN order o ON e. employee WHERE e.employeeID = e.employeeID
​When the commands get executed successfully then the folders shows up in the stored procedure folder.
The store procedure folder opens and when the user executes the basic store procedure and it shows that the store procedure has been executed successfully.

By Arsal Ahmed    20-Mar-2018 Views  504

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