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Why cv is rejected

By    Posted on March-30-2018   330


Why cv is rejected?

Why  I am not getting interview call?

Why there are no job in markete?

above are mostly usasked  questions


Rejection of CVs is due to 

1. No Subject 

2. Wrong Subject

3. Inappropriate wording

4. Mismatch Qualification / Experience

5. Unsupported CV Format

6. CV details in image

7. Missing Contact Info

8. Inappropriate Name (Princess, Prince, Cute, Dashing etc )

Mostly recruiters spent max 1-2 minutes in reading out the CV. So it is the responsibility of incumbents to impress him/her within this tenure. 

So one must be careful while writing and sending the CV because it shows the reflection of your personality.

All of above-mentioned are just a crap, in Pakistan just reference is enough, just a small piece of paper(parchi) at whom a name written of someone your recruiter can't deny your appointment is enough.

Very shamefully I'm part of that society and nobody is ready to Change this bullshit, I tried several times to change this system but people around me are very over sensible in their books. 

But I'm not hopeless,I believe Allah will change whole society by Himself.

Comment your thoughts. 

Quotation by Hurbert hoover
By     30-Mar-2018 Views  330

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