Computer Skills for Kids

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Daily Idea

Computer Skills for Kids

Computer Typing/Keyboarding
How to use Mouse 
Beginner Coding using basic langauge
Computer Art & Designing
Building, sorting and Fixing Computers
Going Online over the world Safely

5 Valuable Computer Skills Your Child Needs

Word Processing
Presentation Software.
Security Essentials

Basic Computer Skills for Kids to Teenager

1. Typing Skills
2. Using Web Browsers
3. Working With Microsoft Office
4. File Maintenance and Organization
5. Email Etiquette
6. Using Internet for Research
7. Basic Computer Troubleshooting
8. Online Privacy, Security, and Safety Skills

Basic Keyboard Skills for kids

  • Where to place hands when typing
  • How to use the letter keys
  • How to use the number keys
  • What special keys like the space bar, "Enter," and "Shift" do
  • How to use simple keyboard shortcuts like "Ctrl + C" to copy highlighted text
  • How to use arrow keys to move around the screen

Basic Computer Mouse Skills

  • How to hold and control the mouse
  • What left-clicking does
  • What right-clicking does
  • How to use a mouse pad

Basic Computer Software Skills

Microsoft Office
Google Drive
Internet browser options
Reading Eggs

Safe and Productive Internet Use

  • Evaluate information and information sources online
  • Keep personal information private
  • Use and cite online sources properly
  • Use social media responsibly


  • Don’t uplaod personal pictures on website
  • Don’t share any personal information online, like your name,phone,email,locations, address, where you attend school, or your passwords
  • Never agree to meet someone in person or on video call, that you met online.
  • Don’t respond to threats or abused
  • Don’t post threats
  • Tell yours parent or elders immediately if you see or receive anything that scares, worries, or makes you feel uncomfortable.

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