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TODAY'S NEWS | 2023-12-01

2023 Laptop and Smartphone Services Satisfaction Survey

Posted on July-10-2023 

It's that time of year again—springtime heralds our annual service and support survey! This marks the sixth consecutive year of conducting this survey, and we're eager to hear about your recent experiences with notebook and phone repair services.

When seeking information about the quality of services offered by a specific company, customer reviews are often the go-to resource. Numerous forums host a plethora of such reviews, ranging from frustrated users expressing their grievances to satisfied customers singing praises about certain manufacturers. However, some companies adorn themselves with various awards, the criteria of which may not be transparent to customers. That's precisely why we continue to rely on reader surveys, aiming to collect as many reviews as possible in a standardized format for thorough analysis.

We cordially invite all users who have availed themselves of a manufacturer's service and support within the past 12 months to participate in our survey. This encompasses both phone support experiences and repairs undertaken or conducted by the company, irrespective of the service scope—be it pick-up, bring-in, or on-site service. We kindly request all participants to diligently complete the following questionnaire. Rest assured, we will share the survey results with our readers free of charge. As always, the survey guarantees anonymity and requires no registration process.

Posted on July-10-2023