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TODAY'S NEWS | 2023-12-10

Devastating canal breach renders 15 houses uninhabitable

Posted on July-09-2023 

A breach in a canal caused water to overflow into the densely populated area of Munshiwala, resulting in significant damage.

According to local residents, numerous acres of land were affected, including a cemetery and approximately 40 houses that suffered varying degrees of destruction. The residents informed The Express Tribune that 15 houses were completely destroyed by the flood.

To assist the affected residents, the local administration established camps in government schools and provided food. Additionally, the deputy commissioner ordered a comprehensive assessment of the damage.

The breach, measuring 60 feet, occurred in the Chahar Canal in Munshiwala, leading to the flooding of land, houses, and a graveyard. The forceful flow of water in the canal exacerbated the breach.

Initially, the residents attempted to control the water flow by themselves.

Meanwhile, Lodhran Deputy Commissioner Abdul Rauf Meher and Assistant Commissioner Mian Ashraf Saleh visited the village to evaluate the situation.

Muhammad Ameer, Executive Engineer of the Irrigation Department, stated that the canal normally carries a volume of 1,100 cusecs of water, but this was reduced to 600 cusecs after closing the gates at the canal head.

After seven hours of intensive efforts, the assistant commissioner announced that the breach had been repaired and filled.

He further mentioned that camps were set up for the affected families, although some chose to stay with relatives or return to their homes.

As the water receded, many of the affected people returned to their homes.

Posted on July-09-2023