Generate an image using AI

1) Generate an image using AI


Generate an image using AI of the following:

A middle eastern looking male cyclist wearing gear from cycling in the mountains of saudi arabia during sunrise.

The image needs to be powerful.


2) Restaurant Diagnosis Web App with AI

We are looking for a skilled web developer to create a web application in that utilizes AI technology to diagnose restaurants. The web app should gather owner information through a form and analyze the maturity level of the restaurant based on predefined criteria. It should then generate a comprehensive report that highlights the gaps and suggests plans for improvement. The main skills required for this project include:
- development
- OpenAI apis use
- Figma integration
- Azure


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Junaid A

Speaker detection and learning

Junaid A

Develop and implement a GPT-4 powered chatbot tailored for our specific business needs.
Program the chatbot to identify potential technical issues and automatically notify our tech team.
Enable the chatbot to guide users towards scheduling customer service meetings through Calendly when deeper assistance is required.
Ensure seamless integration with Jira such that the chatbot can automatically raise tickets upon detection of a technical glitch.

chatbot development, preferably using GPT frameworks.
Strong knowledge of GPT-4 and its capabilities.
Experience integrating bots with third-party applications like Calendly and Jira.

Junaid A

Life like Ai Animation creator

Junaid A

- Ai scraping tools
- Ai no code softwares
- Ai no code chatbots
- Other ai softwares and tools

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