Interview Questions for developer


Below are the following frequently asked questions for the position of senior developer

1) mvc, 2) C# 3) MS SQL Server 4) net core -> Tech
What is Dependency Injection?
Why we use Dependnacy injection?
What is .net Framework?
What are the different components of .NET?
What do you know about CTS?
What is CLR?
Explain CLS
What do you know about JIT?
Why do we use Responce.Output.Write()?
What is the difference between Responce.Redirect and Server.Transfer?
Difference between managed and unmanaged code?
Difference between Classes and object?
What do you know about boxing and unboxing?
Differentiate between constants and read-only variables?
What is BCL?
What are the different versions of .NET Framework?
What is the difference between namespace and assembly?
What is LINQ?
What is MSIL?
From which base class all web forms are inherited?
Explain different parts of assembly?
How do you prevent a class from being inherited?
What are the different types of constructors in C#?
What are different types of assemblies?
What are MDI and SDI?
Differentiate between custom and user control?
What is garbage collector?
What is caching?
Explain MVC.
What is CAS?
Explain Localization and Globalization
What is application domain?
What is delegate in .NET?
Difference between Abstract class and interface in .NET?
Differentiate between stack and heap?
What are the different validators in ASP.NET?
What are EXE and DLL?
Differentiate between function and stored procedure?
List the events in the page life cycle.
What is the code to send an email from an ASP.NET application?
What are the event handlers that we have for Global.asax file?
Explain role-based security?
What is cross-page posting?
How can we apply themes to an ASP.NET application?
Explain passport authentication?
What are ASP.NET security controls?
List all the templates of the repeater control?
What is the appSetting section in the web.config file?
What is MIME?
What is HTTP handler?
What are different types of cookies in ASP.NET
Differentiate between ExecuteScalar and ExecuteNonQuery?
Which filter is executed at the end?
What are two ways to adding constraint on routes
Mention 2 instances where routing is not implemented or required?
How do you implement Ajax in MVC?
What is the use of Peek and Keep in TempData
How you can detect that an MVC is requed called by a Get or Post?
Razor Syntext?
What are Non Action Methods?
How to Peform Exeption Handling in mvc?
What is middleware in .net core?
DI in .net core
What are storgly type view?
What is Kestrel .net core
Why And When To Use Interfaces?
what are Microservices?
What is IL?
What is JIT
what is CTS
Stack and heap
implicity and explicity casting
Array vs aray list
Generic collections
why use thread
task / thread
why we use finally block?
why we need out keywords?
What do you mean by user control and custom control in C#?
What are the methods used to protect against SQL injection attack?
What is the difference between clustered and non-clustered index?
What is a CHECK Constraint?
What is View?




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