Create a video using AI by combining content generated from different AI tools

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How create a video using AI by combining content generated from different AI tools.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:


Step 1: Content Creation (ChatGPT for Script)

  1. Go to the ChatGPT script creation tool at
  2. Start a conversation with ChatGPT and provide the script or text that you want to include in your video. ChatGPT can generate the dialogue or narration for your video.

Step 2: Image Generation (MidJourney)

  1. Visit the MidJourney image generation platform at
  2. Upload or choose the image you want to use in your video. You can describe the image in the chat with ChatGPT to get suggestions.
  3. Generate the image that corresponds to your script or narration.

Step 3: Audio Generation (Elevenlabs)

  1. Access the Elevenlabs audio generation platform at
  2. Input the text that ChatGPT provided as the script for your video.
  3. Use the Elevenlabs platform to create audio from the text. You can choose the voice and style that best suits your video's narration.

Step 4: Video Generation (D-ID)

  1. Go to the D-ID video generation studio at
  2. Import the image generated by MidJourney and the audio created by Elevenlabs.
  3. Choose from predefined audio models or customize the video settings according to your preferences.
  4. Use D-ID's platform to create a video by synchronizing the image and audio, ensuring that they align with your script or narration.

Step 5: Review and Export

  1. Review the generated video to ensure it meets your expectations.
  2. Once satisfied, export the video in your preferred format and quality.

By following these steps and using the mentioned AI tools, you can create a video that combines AI-generated script, images, audio, and synchronized video content to convey your message effectively. Be sure to explore the settings and options offered by each AI tool to customize the output to your liking.



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