What is ASP.NET Core RC2?

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  • ASP.NET Core RC2 refers to the Release Candidate 2 version of ASP.NET Core, which is an open-source web application framework developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET Core is designed to build modern, cloud-based, and cross-platform applications, and it's the next generation of ASP.NET, which was previously known as ASP.NET 5.

  • The "RC2" designation indicates that it's the second release candidate of ASP.NET Core. Release candidates are versions of software that are close to the final release but are still undergoing testing and refinement. They are made available to the public for further evaluation and feedback before the official release.

  • ASP.NET Core RC2 introduced several important changes and improvements compared to its previous versions. Some of the notable features and enhancements included in RC2 were:.

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