How Improve Execution time of Queries

  By Rizwan Saqib   Posted on March-27-2018 

1.set Nocount on; 

Set no count On use for stop  count in Queriese because when we execute a Query or Store Procedures it take a time to Count of Affected Rows  when we use [set Nocounton] in Query it stop the count of affected Rows in this  way the Execution time will be Decrease .

2.Stored Procedure Names

When we make store Procedure Be sure Name of store Procedure can not start with SP because sql have his Own StorePocedure in Sql  who handle SQL Work when we use SP in the start of Procedure name and Execute the Procedure Sql Server Search own Procedure list then search in Our Database StoreProcedure list in this way it take a long time .So if we can not use Sp in start of Procedure it search fast and take short time

3.The * Operator

Do not use the *  operator in your SELECT statements. , use column names.

SQL Server scans for all column names and replaces the * with all the column names of the table(s) in the SQL SELECT statement. Providing column names avoids this search-and-replace

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