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  Sr. No. Testing Life cycle Description Status Comment        
    SRC Documentation Requirement gathering and finalizing requirements.            
    Writing Test scenarios Creating Product Backlog            
    Test Planning From product Backlog creating sprint backlog            
    Test case design Writing Test cases.            
    Test data identification Test data for testing.            
     Test Execution Test case execution and recording results.            
    Defect Management Defect reporting            
    Status Reporting Defect verification, regressing testing process            
    Testing Type              
  1 Functional              
    Links Check that the link takes you to the page it said it would.            
      Ensure to have no orphan pages (a page that has no links to it)            
      Check all of  links redirecting to other websites            
      All refrenced websites or email address should be hyperlinked.            
      If we have removed some of the pages from our own site, set up a custom 404 page that redirects your visitors to your home page (or a search page) when the user try to access a page that no longer exists.            
      Check all mailto links and whether it reaches properly            
      Internal, external, email links work properly and  there is no broken links            
    Forms Acceptance of invalid input            
      Optional versus mandatory fields            
       Input longer than field allows            
      Radio buttons             
      Is all the datas inside combo/list box are arranged in chronolgical order?            
      web froms, database forms, cookie testing and Error messages testing.            
      Does a scroller appears if required?            
      Require fields and optional fields verifications.            
    DATA VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION Is privacy policy clearly defines and available for user access?            
      Check to see what happens if a user deletes cookies while in site            
      Check to see what happens if a user deletes cookies after visiting a site             
      System should show error when invalid data is entered.            
    DATA INTEGRATION Check the maximum field lengths to ensure that there are no truncated characters?             
      If numeric fields accept negative value then is it store properly in database? Does it makes sense for field to accept negative numbers?            
      If a particular set of data is saved to the database check that each value gets saved fully to the database. (i.e.) Beware of truncation (of strings) and rounding of numeric values.            
    DATE FIELD CHECKS Assure that leap years are validated correctly & do not cause errors/miscalculations.             
      Assure that Feb. 28, 29, 30 are validated correctly & do not cause errors/ miscalculations.             
      Is copyright for all the sites includes Yahoo co-branded sites are updated            
    NUMERIC FIELDS Assure that lowest and highest values are handled correctly.             
      Assure that numeric fields with a blank in position 1 are processed or reported as an error.             
      3 Assure that fields with a blank in the last position are processed or reported as an error.            
      Assure that both + and - values are correctly processed.            
      Assure that division by zero does not occur.             
      Include value zero in all calculations.            
      Assure that upper and lower values in ranges are handled correctly.             
    ALPHANUMERIC FIELD CHECKS Use blank and non-blank data.             
      Include lowest and highest values.             
      Include invalid characters & symbols.             
      Include valid characters.             
      Include data items with first position blank.            
      Include data items with last position blank.             
    Internal Interface If the system does crash, are the re-start and recovery mechanisms efficient and reliable?            
       If we leave the site in the middle of a task does it cancel?            
      If we loose our internet connection does transaction fails?            
      Does our solution handle browser crashes?            
       Does our solution handle network failures between Web site and application servers?            
      Have you implemented intelligent error handling (from disabling cookies, etc.)?            
  4 USER INTERFACE              
      Are hyperlink colors standard?            
      Are the field backgrounds the correct color?            
      Are the field prompts the correct color?            
      Are the screen and field colors adjusted correctly for non-editable mode?             
      Does the site use (approximately) standard link colors?            
      Are all the buttons are in standard format and size?            
      Is the general screen background the correct color?             
      Is the page background (color) distraction free?            
      All fonts to be the same.            
      Are all the screen prompts specified in the correct screen font?            
      Does content remain if you need to go back to a previous page, or if you move forward to another new page?            
      Is all text properly aligned?            
      Is the text in all fields specified in the correct screen font?             
      Is all the heading are left aligned            
      Does the first letter of the second word appears in lowercase? Eg            
      Are all graphics properly aligned?            
      Assure that command buttons are all of similar size and shape, and same font & font size.             
      Banner style & size & display exact same as existing windows             
      Does text wrap properly around pictures/graphics?            
      Is it visually consistent even without graphics?            
      Is all the error message text spelt correctly on this screen?            
      Is micro-help text spelt correctly.            
      Progress messages on load of tabbed(active screens) screens             
      Does scroll bar appears if required.            
       Does the Tab Order specified on the screen go in sequence from Top Left to bottom right? This is the default unless otherwise specified.            
       Is there a link to home on every single page?            
      On open of tab focus will be on first editable field            
      When an error message occurs does the focus return to the field in error when the user cancels it?            
  5 USABILITY              
      Are all the field prompts spelt correctly?            
       Are fonts too large or too small to read?            
      Are names in command button & option box names are not abbreviations.            
      Assure that option boxes, option buttons, and command buttons are logically grouped together in clearly demarcated areas "Group Box"            
       Do pages print legibly without cutting off text?            
      Does the site convey a clear sense of its intended audience?            
      Does the site have a consistent, clearly recognizable "look-&-feel"?            
      Does User cab Login Member Area with both UserName/Email ID ?            
      Does the site look good on 640 x 480, 600x800 etc.?            
      Does the system provide or facilitate customer service? i.e. responsive, helpful, accurate?            
      Is all terminology understandable for all of the site’s intended users?            
      Does user runs system without frustration?            
  6 COMPATIBILITY              
      Check on different browsers and its versions.            
      Check on different screen resolutions            
      Check on different Operating systems and its versions.            
      Do images display correctly with browsers under test?            
      Verify the fonts are usable on any of the browsers            
      Check on different network environments.            
      Have you tested Animated GIFs across browsers?            
    VIDEO SETTINGS              
      Screen resolution            
      color depth            
    Connection Speed Does the site load quickly enough in the viewer's browser within 8 Seconds?            
    Text Boxes    Move mouse to textbox and it should be changed to insert bar for editable text field and should remain unchanged for non-editable text field.             
       Test overflowing textbox by inserting as many characters as you can in the text field. Also test width of the text field by entering all capital W.             
      Enter invalid characters, special characters and make sure that there is no abnormality.             
       User should be able to select text using Shift + arrow keys. Selection should be possible using mouse and double click should select entire text in the text box.             
    Radio Buttons              
       Only one should be selected from the given option.             
      User should be able to select any button using mouse or key board             
      Arrow key should set/unset the radio buttons.             
    Check Boxes              
       User should be able to select any combination of checkboxes             
        Clicking mouse on the box should set/unset the checkbox.             
      Spacebar should also do the same             
    Push Buttons              
      All buttons except OK/Cancel should have a letter access to them. This is indicated by a letter underlined in the button text.  The button should be activated by pressing ALT             
       Clicking each button with mouse should activate it and trigger required action.             
       Similarly, after giving focus SPACE or RETURN button should also do the same.             
       If there is any Cancel button on the screen, pressing Esc should activate it.             
    Drop down list boxes              
         Pressing the arrow should give list of options available to the user. List can be scrollable but user should not be able to type in.             
       Pressing Ctrl-F4 should open the list box.             
       Pressing a letter should bring the first item in the list starting with the same letter.             
       Items should be in alphabetical order in any list.            
        Selected item should be displayed on the list.             
       There should be only one blank space in the dropdown list.             
    Combo Box              
        Similar to the list mentioned above, but user should be able to enter text in it.             
    List Boxes              
      Should allow single select, either by mouse or arrow keys.             
       Pressing any letter should take you to the first element starting with that letter             
      If there are view/open button, double clicking on icon should be mapped to these behaviour.             
      Make sure that all the data can be seen using scroll bar.             
  7 Windows Compliance Standards               
        Compliance for each application               
       Application should be started by double clicking on the icon.             
      Loading message should have information about application name, version number, icon etc.             
       Closing of the application should result in “Are you sure?” message.             
       Behaviour for starting application more than once must be specified.             
      Try to start application while it is loading             
       On every application, if application is busy it should show hour glass or some other mechanism to notify user that it is processing.             
      Normally F1 button is used for help. If your product has help integrated, it should come by pressing F1 button.             
      Minimize and restoring functionality should work properly             
    Compliance for each window in the application               
      Title of the window and information should make sense to the user.             
        If screen has control menu, use the entire control menu like move, close, resize etc.             
       Text present should be checked for spelling and grammar.             
       If tab navigation is present, TAB should move focus in forward direction and SHIFT+TAB in backward direction.             
      Tab order should be left to right and top to bottom within a group box.             
         If focus is present on any control, it should be presented by dotting lines around it.             
      User should not be able to select greyed or disabled control. Try this using tab as well as mouse.             
        Text should be left justified             
         In general, all the operations should have corresponding key board shortcut key for this.             
       All tab buttons should have distinct letter for it.             
      Window caption for each application should have application name and windows name.             
  8 Web Usability Testing (Black Box Testing)              
    Accessibility: Site Load-time should be reasonable.            
      Site font size and spacing between lines should be easy to read.            
      Carefully use of Flash & Add-ons in website.            
      Proper ALT Tags should be used for all images present in website.            
      If any internal link is broken then website should be presented with 404 error page or Not Found page.            
      The placement of website logo should be at prominently place like right top side of the page.            
      Proper tagline should be used which clearly states the purpose of the website.            
      Company and Contact Information must be clearly mentioned which helps to identify the company information.            
      Main Navigation should be easy to find, read and use. If more than navigations are used then make sure that user should clearly understand why multiple navigations are used.            
      Clear & Concise navigation labels should be used in website.            
      Reasonable use of links and button in website so user will not confuse while navigating the pages.            
      As a common practice the Company Logo should be linked to website Home page.            
      The Site Search facility should be present on the website and make sure that the Site Search button simple and easy to access like top right of the page.            
      Headings should be clear and descriptive and SEO use of proper heading tags like H1, H2 etc.            
      Make sure that the critical content should be displayed on the first screen in average screen resolution i.e. 1024×768.            
      Use of consistent font styles and colors across the website help user to understand that they’re still on your site.            
      Use of user friendly and meaningful keywords for URLs will help both user and search engines to understand navigation.            
      Meaningful and self explanatory titles (in the <TITLE> tag) should be used for pages. These titles are used by search engines to display in the Search result by search engines. If the improper titles are used then user will skips the your website pages link and proceed further.            
  9 Load Testing              
      Testing system for it's promised load.            
  10 Stress Testing              
      Testing system beyound it's promised load.            

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