what are DBA job title designation

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what are DBA job title designation?


  • Manager of database administration:  This job title can also be Director of database administration.
  • Senior DBA:  This is a DBA job title normally reserved for a DBA with more than 10 year of full time experience.
  • Junior DBA:  This is for a newly graduated college person.


DBA job titles in USA are as

Database Architect:  This job title is done for a DBA charged with designing new databases.
Data Administrator:  This DBA job title is charged with managing and enforcing data naming standards (PL/SQL variable names, table names, column names, schema names, etc.)
Database system engineer:  This DBA job title is for software engineers who write low-level routines (such as Linux I/O drivers and system internals work).
Medical Informaticist:  This is a DBA with an MD degree, normally the end-user liaison in a hospital between the DBA's and the doctors.
Database Engineer:  In the USA, this job title requires an advanced college degree in engineering, hand it is commonly used my questionable consultants without a 4-year software engineering degree.

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