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  By Junaid A   Posted on July-27-2018 


PMP you need to take a training course from registered education provider; they will give you a participation certificate,

trainig hours aroudn 35 requried

second, experience of working in project, that you certainly will have.

third your education, you have a university degree, i saw your profile, so you are covered there as well.

after getting training and prepairing for exam, before takig exam, you fill application online by providing all details, they reivew and reply back in 5 working days if they need more proof or they accept your application directly. then

you are able to pay for your exam fee, around 600$ in total.

training fee is around 30k PKR

summing it up, first step is to get training, and prepare well, then give mock exams, applying for exam is the last step.

for training there is PMI Lahore Chapter, second is Asad Ullah Chaudhry third i have heard about IT Heights.

but i recommend an online training course, as they cover everything in detail, and its self pace course, it requires bit more self motivation as you study on your own timing, in above mentioned you study in group, but the trainer's knowledge and content is way more in online self pace course than in person training

online course i refer is by cornelius fitchner


Online help

You're welcome
The Project Management PrepCast Elite
Prepcast Elite

or you can also earn PDUs to get eligible for PMP exam from Udemy that will be around 10$ also a good option



Mock up exam



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